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Web Scraper is the best data collection method when you want to retrieve data from web pages. As money moves around the world over the Internet, web scraping is becoming more frequent among businesses. freelancers, and researchers as it helps collect web data accurately and efficiently on a global basis.


E-commerce websites, among others, are always the most frequently stolen websites, both in terms of frequency and quantity. E-commerce is affecting people from all walks of life as internet purchasing has become a home habit. Directory sites take second place in the race, and that's not surprising. Directory pages group businesses by category, making them an effective information filter and data collection tool. Many search directory pages for contact information to increase leads.
Social media contains a wealth of information about human opinions, emotions, and daily actions. Extraction from social media is intrinsically more difficult. This is because many social networking sites use strong anti-scraping techniques to protect user privacy. However, for sentiment analysis and other forms of study, social networks remain a significant source of data.
Other websites are classified as tourism, employment boards, or search engines. In fact, people of all industries use web scraping techniques to harness the value of data for their interests.

Recognize the web scraper

Best and Top Scraped Websites in 2022 and popular scraper Web Scraper is a programed that automates the time-consuming process of gathering information from third-party websites. Typically, this procedure involves querying a specific web page, reading HTML code, and breaking down that code to collect some data.

Why would someone scrape the information?

Let's say you want to create a price comparison website. You need prices for several products in several online shops. It only takes a few minutes with the web scraping tool.
Maybe you're trying to attract new leads to your business or even get the best prices on a flight or hotel.
Using some web scraping technologies, they are able to constantly check the prices of flights and hotels. If the web scraper finds a trip with great prices, the user will receive an email with booking instructions.

What is the purpose of web scrapers?

Developers use web scrapers for all types of data retrieval, but the following cases are the most commonly used:
  • Market Analysis
  • Price comparison
  • Lead generation
  • Scientific Research
  • Collection of training and test datasets for machine learning

TOP 5 most scraped Sites

Hotels benefit from Tripadvisor's business.
Business Advantage is a subscription service that helps you attract, engage and influence potential customers on the world's largest travel site.
Subscribers can access industry-leading tools designed to better expose their properties to potential guests and connect them to their direct booking channels.

Business Advantage allows owners to

Connecting directly with travelers makes it easy for travelers to contact you directly by adding a hotel website, phone number, or email address - on Tripadvisor.
Raise their profile using exclusive marketing tools to encourage travelers to book with you. Post a special offer, choose your favorite review, create your own storyboard, and most importantly, include your favorite photos and more. Unlock Exclusive Data Use Tripadvisor analytics to make informed business decisions and optimize your performance.
Web scraping is also commonly used to compare prices, and this is how smart people create price comparison sites for the public. If you try, you can create a ticket price comparison site to help tourists book as cheaply as possible!

Yellow Pages

According to Wikipedia, Yellowpages, sometimes known as "YP," was founded in 1996 and has since evolved to become the most popular directory website, with 60 million monthly visitors.
Well, in the eyes of people who use the Internet, Yellow Pages are the perfect place to collect contact information and business addresses based on location. If you're a retailer and find competitors in your area, it's as easy as a few clicks. Are you a seller that wants to produce quality leads? Check out the following table to see what I'm talking about.


This is when Yelp comes into play. Yelp is a free resource for people looking for groceries, home care, and a good massage, in addition to being a business directory.
Those who Yelp use surveys and ranking data to get a picture of how their business looks in the eyes of customers and to analyze the competition.


Ecommerce websites, such as eBay, are always the most popular for web scraping. We have many users whorun their own businesses on eBay and getting data from eBay is an important way to track your competitors and keep up with market trends.
One customer anecdote, in particular, has impressed me. The customer is an eBay seller who analyses data from eBay and other trade platforms on a regular basis and builds up his own database for in-depth market research over time.


Yes, it is not surprising that Amazon takes the most scrapped website. Amazon holds huge stakes in the e-commerce business, which means Amazon data is the most representative of any type of market research. It has the largest database.
The biggest Amazon scraping problem can be Captcha and we take care of it. Amazon's scraping may provide you with data for all of the following purposes:
    1. Price tracking
    2. Competitive Analysis
    3. MAP monitoring
    4. Product Selection
    5. Sentiment Analysis

United Lead Scraper - extract data from 100+ websites without coding and blocking

United Leads Scraper is one of the best, easiest, and most convenient web scraper software on the internet that offers 100+ ready-to-use web scrapers for many websites.
It has the greatest internet scraping tools in the world and is known for scraping data from websites without the need to purchase several scrapers for different websites.
United Lead Scraper is a simple tool that allows you to choose the desired data extractor for your chosen websites and extract any data from websites without writing a single line of code.

Features of United Lead Data Extractor

  • Easy to use
  • Data is scraped and saved in understandable formats including CSV, Excel, and text files.
  • You can search and retrieve data by name, location, URLs, and various keywords.
  • You can even schedule the data scraping software to wipe data from a specific website at a specific time on an hourly, weekly, or daily basis.
  • It can erase data from multiple websites without complications.
  • It has already created web scrapers for social networking sites, e-commerce sites, sites, and business directories
  • Each script in Unite Scraper costs $40.

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