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How To Extract Emails And Phone Numbers From 1000’s Of LinkedIn Profiles In Minutes?

LinkedIn is the best social media website all over the world to connect with professional people and real businesses. Each LinkedIn profile offers the person's address, phone number, email address, working history, and other contact details. LinkedIn offers users great searching options to find the best results. LinkedIn is the most popular and effective platform to find and get the best targeted sales leads for marketing. That is why every sales professional mostly uses LinkedIn to collect marketing data of potential customers. If you are a marketer or a freelancer, you can use LinkedIn Lead Extractor to get structured data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles without coding and being blocked. You can use the extracted data for your marketing campaigns, to beat their competitors, or to sell others.

Why LinkedIn Lead Extractor Software?

Typically, when you search for a client or person on LinkedIn, the search results display a column that shows people, groups, companies, services, schools, jobs, etc. To use this data, you have to extract the search results from LinkedIn profile to Excel sheet or any other database right? This is the main problem that most marketers and freelancers face – How to extract data from LinkedIn profiles to Excel?.
Save Time And Get Ready-To-Use Data From LinkedIn Profiles With LinkedIn Scraper You can manually copy-paste the profile information by visiting each profile individually into an Excel sheet. Remember, you need to copy-paste easy and every detail like email, phone number, skills, experience, location, country, city, etc. If you want to export data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles, it may take several days, weeks, or even months to download LinkedIn data from a few thousand profiles and there is no guarantee that the data is 100% accurate.
This is where smart people use LinkedIn Email Leads Extractor to extract data from LinkedIn profiles to Excel spreadsheets. The LinkedIn Data Extractor automatically finds and extracts data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles according to your given keywords in the shortest time without any coding and getting blocked.
The LinkedIn Leads Finder can collect phone numbers, email addresses, user names, number of connections, current job, previous job, location, social media links, and all the other contact information that is publicly available on a LinkedIn profile.

Save Time And Get Ready-To-Use Data From LinkedIn Profiles With LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn has more than 750 million active user-profiles and it's impossible to visit each profile manually and export data. The data is updated by LinkedIn on a daily or weekly basis. For this reason, you need a tool that provides you with updated and valid data from LinkedIn. And that’s where LinkedIn Leads Extractor comes into play. LinkedIn Contact Extractor can scrape 1000-1200 LinkedIn Business profiles in a day.
LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor can find, extract, and export data from LinkedIn profiles automatically. LinkedIn Profile Extractor works like a real user and is updated according to the updates of LinkedIn. With just a click of a button, you can have a huge database of information at your computer or laptop in Excel, CSV, or Text formats.

How To Extract Data From LinkedIn Profiles To Excel By Using LinkedIn Lead Extractor?

Here is a detailed guide on how to use this LinkedIn Data Scraper for this purpose.
First, you need to install the LinkedIn Lead Extractor on your PC/Laptop. The LinkedIn Data Grabber can be downloaded on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, and Net Framework 4.0. You just have to enter your keywords in the search bar of the software and the LinkedIn Data Extractor automatically finds all the results from LinkedIn according to your given keywords and then you can select specific or all search results to scrape for data. After that, click on the “Extract” button to extract data and then export the extracted by clicking on the “Export” button to get data in CSV, Excel, or Text file.


If you want to export data from LinkedIn search results to an Excel sheet then you have to purchase the license of the LinkedIn Leads Scraper. Price is just 39.99$ for a month.

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