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Google Maps is one of the major sources to find b2b emails for marketing . You can find business emails based on Google maps for various industries and countries by typing your business keywords, but unfortunately, you can't download this data in Excel or CSV files for use.
Once you have found your targeted prospects on Google Maps, you will have to start reaching them. Google Maps is one of the best places to build a b2b email database for small businesses. If you are someone looking to build an email database from Google Maps , then this blog post will help you do that.

How Can I Build My Own B2B Email Database From Google Maps For Marketing?

Google Maps has a huge database of business emails that are covered under various categories, features, and neighborhoods. If you want to get a business email database from Google Maps, you need to manually enter your keywords and location. Based on the given information, Google Maps displays the results. You will get thousands of results related to your keywords.
Now, you have to click on one of the search results to get data. When you click on a business listing, you will find your business name, address, phone number , email address, ratings, reviews, and much more. In many cases, the email addresses will be missing and then you have to visit the website of the company to find the email address.
Find & Get B2B Email Database From Google Maps To Excel With A Click In this way, you have to find the data from thousands of business listings manually. If you want to collect emails for email marketing or for selling purposes then your email database is going to be the primary and the most important tool. All your marketing activities will be based on your b2b email lists.
The outcome of your marketing campaigns is directly proportional to the accuracy of your business mailing list . Thus, you need to ensure that there are no errors while copy-pasting the business contact details from Google Maps to Excel. Errors can make your b2b email list unusable.
You need to check and double-check it through a staff, freelancer, or colleague to ensure accuracy. It is a time taking, boring, effort-wasting time for busy sales & marketing teams. Again, employing an internee or staff for this task can add to your expenses. This is where smart marketers and professionals use Google Maps Data Extractor to get the business databases from Google Maps.

Find & Get B2B Email Database From Google Maps To Excel With A Click With Google Maps Extractor

Let’s say you found someone on Google Maps whom you think would be your ideal prospect. You want to find and extract data from Google Maps without any programming knowledge.

All you need to do is:

  • Enter your keywords in the search bar of the Google Maps Scraper.
  • You can find a business by zip code, category, and location also with the help of this Google Maps Lead Extractor.
  • Click search and the Google Maps Contact Extractor will find all the results for your targeted keyword and location
  • Select the search results and click on the “Extract Data” button to get all the data from the selected search results.
  • You will get all your extracted data on the screen of the Google Maps Listing Scraper and you can export this data on your computer/laptop whenever you want by clicking on the “Export” button. Google Maps Email Extractor helps you to find the business email address of a business in no time.
  • What’s more?

    The software also checks the websites of a business for an email address if an email address is not found on the business listings. Google Maps Phone Number Extractor helps you to instantly find the email addresses of businesses found on the business listings or websites with other business contact details like phone number, business name, reviews, latitudes, longitude, social media links, web URL, and much more.
    Google Maps Grabber has built-in email search technology that helps you to find the email address of targeted businesses and locations in less than 5 minutes. You can now focus on other important tasks instead of data collection from Google Maps.

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