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Yellow pages are the popular business directory in the world, you can search and find targeted potential clients easily. Search business information like Name, phone number, addresses, Emails is quite easy, however manually copy & pasting the data from the yellow pages could take a lot of your time. If you are looking for the best software to scrape the data from the yellow page then you are in the right place.
Scraping data from the yellow pages was never easy in the past but the software made life easy for the marketers. Every marketer wants the best yellow page scraper which can extract the leads from yellow pages in a smooth and quick way without learning any technical skills because nobody can deny the importance of business leads in marketing.

Yellowpages Leads Scraper

When you are looking for the best software or tool to scrape the data from yellow pages you might confuse because there are many tools available in the market but you have to choose the best yellow pages data scraper wisely that can scratch data in a large amount constantly and that can give you benefit for the long period of time.
Discover the best Software to Scrape the Yellow pages Yellowpages Leads Scraper is the best leads scraper that can extract the leads in a smooth and easy way, this is a very powerful leads scraper that has its own desktop application, and most importantly it can scrape the data from multiple country domain websites such as .au, .ca, .sg or .in, etc. you won’t have to buy multiple scrapers for multiple countries domain. You can extract the following data field from yellow pages with a simple couple of clicks. · Business Names
· Full Address
· Telephone
· Website link
· Email Address
· Reviews
Yellowpages lead scraper can extract all other information according to your choice with its customization feature, other information may include an extra phone number, other links and working hours, etc.

Top Features of Yelloowpages Leads Scraper

There are many features of yellowpages leads scraper that makes it unique from other yellow pages scraping tools, following are few of them:
  • Extract data of your own choice from any structured website.
  • Software has its own browser which opened in a new window.
  • Apply filters on the website opened in its browser.
  • Save time to run multiple scraper windows at the same time.
  • It will automatically move to the next page and extract the data.
  • It will automatically crawl the data from the website.
  • Export all data into an excel spreadsheet or CSV form.
  • Yellowpages Leads Scraper is project script of Anysite Scraper software which has many more project scripts just like a yellowpages leads Scraper, most popular project scripts of Anysite Scraper are whitepages leads Scraper, Amazon Data Scraper, AliExpresse data scraper, Social media like Facebook, Twitter scraper also project of Anysite Scraper. Anysite Scraper Software is offered by the most popular and well-known software company “Ahmad Software'' which has been working in this industry for the last 15 years, every day new inventions and updates in the software making life very easy for the software users.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • Anysite Scraper can scrape almost all websites but there is some limitation as well. Sometimes a user buys the license of the software but the user won’t be able to extract the data from the targeted website due to some technical reasons because Anysite Scrape scratches the data from all structured websites which follow proper HTML on Xpath. Ahmad Software is providing a 100% money-back guarantee if the software doesn’t work for its users.
  • Download and Install Now for Free

  • Anysite Scraper is totally free to download at and install it on your computer. This is the best time to take advantage and test the software whether it is working for your business needs or not. Extraction of data using its all project scripts is totally free, it has more than 150 website scrapers available ready to use. Don’t miss this chance to test the scraper. If you feel this software is useful for you and extracting the data in a way you want then you can buy the license to export the data into excel or CSV form.

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