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Call searching is very easy and fast using different types of search filters. All the Call Searching filters are on a single screen to make search easier and fast as compared to different popup to apply search filters. There are single click date and call duration filter to make selection fast.

Search Filters:

  • Search calls with respect to users/group/Extension/Channel Names
  • Call Start Date and Time
  • Call End Date and Time
  • Search Calls with specified time frame for all the dates
  • Call Duration
  • Field based search with any or all fields
  • Quick start/end date selection
  • Quick call duration selection
  • Emergency calls
  • Important calls
  • LOD calls
  • Book marked calls
  • Search by caller / call id
  • Call Direction

Add/Update Feature:

  • Mark/Unmark as an emergency call
  • Mark/Unmark as an important call
  • Add / Update comments on call
  • Flag call with rating levels
  • "Keep Call on System" during backup.

Extra Features on Playback

  • All the standard playback features on player
  • Add / Update / View multiple bookmarks at specific point in time during the call playback
  • Play fast/slow without changing voice quality
  • Multi-Channel calls playback
  • Export calls as WMA/WAVE
  • Agents' screen recording playback along with call playback
  • Email Call
ASLogger Live Call Monitoring Screenshot

Operating System:

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000