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Recording System

  • Integrated call recording and voice logging system for ANALOG/DIGITAL/VOIP calls recording.
  • Uninterruptable AND round-the-clock recording.
  • Voice Logging system support 96 channel per system. On demand bases up to 128 channels per system.
  • Varying input lines (voltage threshold control system, Hang-up DTRM control, voltage level settings, Automatic Gain control).
  • AGC setting.
  • ASLogger Voice Logging System supports GSM, WAV, G.711 A-Law, U-Law, G.729A, and G.723 Codec's.
  • Maximum/Minimum call Duration settings.
  • Trigger based call recording.
  • Discard call less than duration (i.e. 2 seconds).
  • Caller ID Mode: 1) DTMF 2) FSK.
  • Call marking and tagging during live call.
  • Voice Logging System has secure call recording "CDF" (Call data format) format so that no third party can read calls data.
  • Event log.
  • Each input line health and status.
  • Each channel recording status.
  • Password protected call recording and voice logging system.
  • Optional layer of call encryption.
  • Free Seating

Agent Screen Recording

ASLogger provides a feature of agent's screen recording. It has a capability of recording multiple monitors so that supervisor can see agent's activities while he attended the call.

  • Auto Trigger Screen Recording
  • Manually Record PC Screens
  • Customizable image quality and frame rate.
  • Support for multiple monitors.
  • Adjustable video Width and Height.
  • Record remote offices and at-home agents

Backup system

  • Automatically archive recordings and calls data.
  • Adjustable archiving at specified time.
  • Manual archiving on need basis.
  • Automatically deletes recordings at predefined intervals.

Restore and support system

Restore and support system recovers calls in case of any failure in logging system.

System Health Monitoring system

  • Processor usage and system health.
  • Hard disk Usage.
  • Channel Status.
  • System Failure reporting through email.

Administration System

Call Recording and Voice Logging system has a strong administration system. Administration system provides:

  • Database configuration Management
  • ASLogger Server Management
  • Channels/Lines Management
  • Users and groups Management
  • Users and groups access rights and security management

Web based User Interface

Our call recording and voice logging system provides easy to use web based user interface with tabs. Below is short description of each tab.


Call searching is very easy and fast using different types of search filters. All the Call Searching filters are on a single screen to make search easier and fast as compared to different popup to apply search filters. There are single click date and call duration filter to make selection fast.

Search Filters:

  • Call Start Date and Time, Call End Date and Time
  • Search Calls with specified time frame for all the dates
  • Call Duration
  • Field based search with any or all fields
  • Quick start/end date selection
  • Quick call duration selection
  • Incoming/Outgoing Calls
  • Answered/Unanswered Calls
  • Emergency calls, Important calls, Bookmark calls, LOD/ROD calls
  • Calls with respect to rating
  • Search by caller / callee id

Add/Update Feature

  • Mark/Unmark as an emergency or important call
  • Add / Update comments on call
  • Add /Update Call Rating
  • "Leave call on system" during backup.


  • All the standard playback features on player.
  • Add Bookmarks on player while playing calls.
  • Play fast/slow without changing voice quality.
  • Multi-Channel calls playback.
  • Export calls as WMA/WAVE.
  • Agents' screen recording playback along with call playback.
  • Email Calls.

Live Call Monitoring

ASLogger(Call Recording and Voice Logging system) Provides web based real time live call monitoring system to your supervisors to improve performance of your agents. Identify staffing deficiencies that need attention and increase overall group performance.
Real time Call Monitoring provides the following features:
  • Monitor all agents' real time calls from anywhere on the web using web based Real Time Call Monitoring software.
  • Send call via Email in WMA OR WAV format.
  • Add bookmarks to call at specific time location in call.
  • Silence on Demand.
  • Set call rating.
  • Start / Stop Recording on Demand.
  • Rewind real time call to listen any recorded portion of call.
  • See network load while call is paying.
  • Continues playback on any call.
  • Multi-Channel Live Call Monitoring.
  • Security on each channel with user rights management module.
  • Mark any live call as an emergency/important call.
  • See channels with respect to users/group/Extension/Channel names.
  • Check each input line health and status.
  • Check each channel recording status

Agent's Evaluations

Agent Evaluation enables you to quickly assess how well your employees are performing when conducting business over the telephone. Flexible scorecard templates allow you to align your quality monitoring efforts with your strategic business goals.
You can target training efforts, improve performance, and motivate employees through:
  • Objective evaluation of calls in Call Recording and desktop activities captured by ASLogger Computer Recording
  • Customized performance score cards
  • Analysis of employee service trends using custom reporting enging
  • Evaluator calibration reports to ensure consistency across teams.


Reporting system generates custom reports based on user input. You can generate custom reports in tabular and graphical format.
Reporting filters are as follows:
  • Call Start Date and Time, Call End Date and Time
  • Call Duration
  • Emergency calls
  • Important calls
  • Bookmark calls
  • Calls with respect to rating
  • Report type (tabular or graph)
  • Report based on: hourly, monthly, weekly, number of call, call duration, average call duration, summary
  • Rating level

Operating System:

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

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