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SMSGadget for Android Screenshot SMSGadget for Android App Screenshot
Marketing has never been so cheap and accessible as it is today. A business whether sole proprietor, partnership, or private limited company can easily promote its product or services to their target market instead of spending billions of money on Banner Ads, Newspaper Ads, Television Ads. etc. for a single view. Mobile Messaging is the only way to reach anybody from an educated professional to basic literate person. In this mobile age, people like to make deals directly with the owner/customer as in it is fast to clear apprehension and take decisions accordingly. Schools, colleges, retailers, wholesalers, political parties, designers, Lawyers, Barbers, Accountants, Consultants, Tax Experts, and Solicitors etc can efficiently reach out to their targeted customers just by sending a single SMS.

To promote your product, you need to send SMS in bulk. With SMSGadget you can send thousands of SMS with single click. SMS Gadget has unique features such as unlimited groups creation, unlimited contacts, and import, export facility. With SMSGadget (Bulk SMS Sender), messages like special offers, promotion, reminder and statement are well suited to be delivered time to time. There is no huge investment and hidden cost in using SMSGadget E-Marketer. Just use your existing computer and mobile phone, with connection options of USB data cable, Bluetooth or Infra red, you are equipped with a powerful marketing weapon.

Key Features

  • Intuitive and modern look and feel, with ease of use.
  • Compatible with most of the Android phones.
  • SMS composer with Long SMS, Flash SMS and custom field support and SMS can be Send in different languages.
  • Skip duplicate phone number entries.
  • Sends standard SMS or notifications as per your need.
  • Three Custom fields for each contact to generate unique SMS for every contact.
  • No internet connection is required to send SMS.
  • Send SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers.
  • Import contact list or content from text, CSV or Excel file saved on PC.
  • Export contacts in txt and CSV format.
  • Easiest way to Load Recipient Phone Number.
  • Option to skip duplicate number entries.
  • Save sent items for future reference.
  • Advance delayed delivery option while sending SMS.
  • Save send items for future reference.
  • Supports multiple Android phones.
  • Error logging and reporting from within the SMSGadget for fast feedback.
  • Can create project files and opened later for different "Marketing Campaigns". Each project consists of "Devices", "Contacts", "Inbox", "Outbox" and "Sent"

System Requirements:

  • Android Mobile (Cell) Phone connected to local network through WiFi
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
  • Net Framework v4.0


Android OS has 30 SMS limit per 30 minutes (Previous versions has 100 SMS per hour limit) and you cannot send more than this limit. However you can unlock the SMS Limit with any SMS Limit Unlocker software. For example:
SMS Limit Unlock Note:"SMS Limit Unlock" software is free but use it on your own risk because we are not the vendor of this software.

If you are technical then please follow the link: How to increase SMS Limit on Android

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SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender software used to send SMS from PC to a very focused group of customers. It should not be used to send spam SMS, unsolicited SMS or bulk SMS broadcasting for spam.

SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender on Blogger SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender on Google+

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Question: How does "SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender For Android" work?
  2. What equipments do I need?
  3. How do I connect my Android phone to the computer?
  4. Which brand of mobile phones does SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender support?
  5. How can I remove the AD text "Sent by SMSGadget" that is appended to all outgoing SMS?
  6. Can I change or hide my phone number from the recipient?
Question: How does "SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender For Android" work?
Answer: SMSGadget connects to the Android phone (connected on your local network) via "SMS Modem App" running your phone and sends SMS message to "SMS Modem" App and App is responsible to send the message. Similarly to read/delete SMS from Android phone SMSGadget connects to "SMS Modem" App.
Android connection Diagram Screenshot
Question: What equipment(s) do I need?
Answer: Our software supports Android Phone.
Question: How do I connect my phone to the network?
Answer: You can connect the Android mobile phone to the network:

1) Bluetooth,
2) Wi-Fi

Question: Where can I find the "SMS Modem" App for my Android phone?
"SMS Modem" app is in your download setup. Extract the SMSGadgetForAndroid.rar and there would be "SMSModem.apk". You can also download from our site:
Question: Which brand of Android phones does SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender support?
Our software supports most of the Android phones.

Question: How can I remove the AD text "Sent by SMSGadget" that is appended to all outgoing SMS?

When you order a license and enter the unlock key into the software, all those AD texts will be gone.
Question: Can I change or hide my phone number from the recipient?
Your phone number will be shown to the recipient and it cannot be changed or hidden.

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