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You can scrape data from a LinkedIn public profile using data scraper software. LinkedIn data extraction is most beneficial for marketers and most medium size companies rely on LinkedIn for their marketing purpose.

I would recommend you to use "LinkedIn Lead Extractor" software, which helps to quickly scrape public profiles from LinkedIn. With this tool your can scrape profile link, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Address, Twitter id, Yahoo messenger id, Skype Id, Google Talk ID, Job Role, Company Name, Address, Country, Connections. This company has built this tool specially for LinkedIn marketers who are not satisfied with their drop ship supplier's digital data.

LinkedIn advance search provides you the targeted customers profiles list with your requirements like country, country, city, company, job title, and much more.

In few weeks you can developed new ways to set-up differently the sales teams and create a much more technologic environment in the strategy department. An internal platform that generated targeted leads can be of a very big help. You can easily execute go to market to any area or city in so much little time compared with some years ago.

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