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What Is Data Extraction And Why It Is Important For A Company To Generate B2B Leads?

In simple terms, data extraction is the process of extracting data captured within semi-structured and unstructured sources, such as emails, PDFs, PDF forms, text files, barcodes, and images . An enterprise-grade data extraction tool makes incoming business data from unstructured or semi-structured sources usable for analytics and reporting. When quality data is used for business insights and data analytics, enterprises do better in revenues. And extracting these insights from high volumes of enterprise data requires powerful and seamless data integration, either manually or with the help of data scraping tools . Businesses store their data in a multitude of databases, data lakes, repositories, and file systems–ranging from legacy to modern–that vary in formats.
This bulk of data increases rapidly and daily, and not all is useful; most of it includes outdated, incomplete, compromised, inconsistent, or simply “bad” data, which 84% of businesses attribute to having a direct effect on their bottom line. Extracting analysis-worthy information from this flood of big data is a critical, yet challenging task (due to the sheer volume and velocity of incoming data), which can be accomplished by a web data extraction software.

Why Xing Is Most Popular In German Countries For Lead Generation?

Xing is still the market leader among the career networks in the German-speaking countries and with 16 million convinced users. Xing is the most popular social networking site in Europe and a rich source of business professionals. It is the largest career-oriented business network in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with millions of members. European people are widely used Xing for job searching and employment. Xing database is very useful for business leads and leading businesses to new heights.
Extract Data From The Xing Website

How to Scrape Millions of Leads Data From Xing into Excel Sheet?

When it comes to choosing scraper tools, make sure the platform is easy to use and reliable; built to meet your needs today and in the future. The best option is the Xing Lead Extractor . To extract and handle such a large data is a little complicated, not an easy task. Expertise in scraping field is necessary for extracting accurate data and refine into a particular format. For getting business leads contact information of the targeted field is prime need. Xing data extractor tool grabs all required data to make a database. Data extraction with these tools is surely helpful for lead generation in the business. You can easily extract thousands of emails, phone numbers, profile links, etc from Xing automatically. It can collect and save data in Excel, CSV and Text formats.

Why You Need To Use The Xing Lead Extractor?

  • The most trusted, high quality and relevant data extraction software available
  • Xing Lead Extractor scrape b2b leads data from the Xing Website.
  • Easy to use and reliable.
  • The fastest data extraction tool.
  • Accurate and valid data compared to manual data collection.
  • You can extract and save search results in Unicode format.
  • You can search by keywords, location, company, industry, experience levels, and more.
  • The software provides options to save extracted data in EXCEL format, CSV files (Opens in EXCEL), TAB delimited (.txt files) format.
  • The software keeps track of already extracted profiles.
  • Xing Lead Extractor automatically pauses/resumes on internet failure during processing.
  • It automatically extracts available data on Xing such as profile link, first name, last name, business email, private email, business phone, business mobile, business fax, private phone, private mobile, private fax, job title, academic degree, connections, occupation type, company Xing profile id, company name, company size, company email, company phone, company fax, company address, company industry, managed by, manager Xing id, company employees, location, haves, interests, qualifications, wants, profile id etc.
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