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Google Maps is a massive platform with millions of users, making it unique in our time. Businesses that want to get ahead in competition often choose it as a leading platform. Sometimes Google Maps is for marketing, sometimes it’s for growth hacking, and sometimes you might want to take a slightly darker path. One such path is email scraping from Google Maps.
Google Maps has been entrusted with personal information for millions of businesses, ranging from simple name and email all the way to incredible personal details.
Google Maps themselves have a rocky history with user information security and privacy. How many stories do you hear about people losing accounts because of Google Maps scraping? That’s small-scale stuff, too. At the other end, you have the entire HIQ lab and LinkedIn scandal.
Despite this, Google Maps has made it relatively difficult to simply gather business information. A business owner running a Google Maps business profile isn’t going to be able to simply export their audience contact information, for example. If you want to harvest email addresses from Google Maps profiles, you’re going to need to employ some tricks.
I’ve found the best Google Maps Email Extractor for you to extract email addresses from Google Maps. Be aware, however, This Google Maps Extractor works very well for you, and don’t you need to learn any special skills to use it.

Google Map Extractor – Extract Business Emails From Google Maps

Google Maps Data Extractor is a desktop application for Google Chrome. You can find it on It basically takes a peek into the source code of any page or business profile you visit on Google Maps, looking for anything that resembles contact information.
It usually looks for email addresses from Google Maps but it can also detect phone numbers, social media links, ratings, reviews, and a few other kinds of contact information from a Google Maps business listing. Importantly, it includes an export data feature, so you don’t need to manually export data from Google Maps.
The Best Web Scraping Tools For Freelancers And Businesses

How To Use It?

To use Google Maps Scraper, install it to your computer and configure it to save a . CSV wherever you want it to save. Make sure you toggle it on, then visit whatever Google Maps search result or Google Maps business listing you want to scrape. You can find data with business names, zip codes, categories, and business listing URLs by using this Google Maps Listings Scraper. After finding, you can get this data from Google Maps to an Excel or CSV sheet with an “Export” button given in the Google Maps Lead Extractor software. Moreover, you don’t need to scroll the Google Maps for the next pages, the Google Maps Lead Generation tool will automatically search for data on the next pages for your given keywords. The Google Maps Scraping tool supports many formats to download data from Google Maps such as Excel, CSV, and Text files. You get a 3-day free trial before purchasing the Google Maps scraping tool.


Google Maps Email Grabber follows a freemium pricing strategy. There’s a one-week free Trial with some limitations, and afterward, you need a subscription that starts at just $49.99 a month.

Why Use It?

For people interested in Google Maps scraping, Google Maps is a great source for lead generation, and with the right Google Map Extractor software, scraping data from Google Maps business profiles and search results becomes easy.
The Google Maps Reviews Scraper tool can help you save a lot of time and automate the entire process of scraping data from Google Maps so that you can extract data from Google Maps easily.


This writing has gone through detailed research of the best data scraping tool for Google Maps. It includes all the necessary details you should consider before purchasing any Google Maps lead generation tool.
Google Maps Scraping for different countries and categories as per your requirement is a challenging task. This article helps you in choosing the best Google Maps Scraper tool according to your requirement.
You should select the right Google Maps email finder tool which best suits your needs and perform well for you.

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