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Why Is LinkedIn A Great Source For Data?

LinkedIn is the most popular website all over the world to look for business leads/contacts. LinkedIn has evolved into a business directory that offers great exposure to businesses.
In addition to the contact details, it is the best platform to grow a business. You can make a business or professional profile on LinkedIn without spending a single dime. Sales and marketing professionals use LinkedIn when they want to collect valid and authentic data for email marketing or mobile marketing. So, it is one of the best sources to generate leads for your business and marketing campaigns– Don’t Miss Out.

Which Is The Best Email Extractor To Get Quality Data For Email Marketing?

LinkedIn is not only a great platform for marketing purposes but also a business directory, which (according to various estimates) today represents from 55 to 60 million companies around the world.
Extracting emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn is probably one of the most effective ways to find leads, which works especially well for the b2b segment. LinkedIn Lead Extractor is one of the best and best LinkedIn Scraper all over the world to extract data from LinkedIn.
With LinkedIn Email Extractor you can quickly and easily extract email addresses, phone numbers, names, addresses, categories, followers, staff, company bio, and other information from user profiles on LinkedIn. The search is based on keywords, zip codes, and locations and is fully automatic. The found data can be exported to Excel, CSV, or Text files for use.
The Best Email Extractor For Linkedin To Get Quality Data For Email Marketing

Features Of LinkedIn Email Lead Extractor

  • Works In All Countries Supported By LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Email Finder can extract emails for a specific country as it supports all the countries supported by LinkedIn and you can search for prospects by zip code also. Specify locations and keywords in the software - the result will always be great.

  • Auto Pagination
  • LinkedIn Leads Grabber does not require your involvement in opening the next pages. The process is fully automated.

  • Unlimited Number Of Keywords And Locations
  • Unlike other programs, you can specify multiple keywords and locations at once and you can scrape data from thousands of profiles in a day.

  • Zero Coding
  • LinkedIn Email Grabber is an easy-to-use tool and everyone can use it easily to find emails and other contact details from LinkedIn.

  • Proxy Support
  • If you parse LinkedIn regularly, you need proxies to protect yourself from being banned by LinkedIn.

  • Export to Excel
  • The results can be saved as CSV, Text, or Excel files on your computer/laptop.

  • All-in-one tool
  • LinkedIn Profile Extractor not only extracts emails from LinkedIn but also extracts phone number, skills, experience, current job, description, and other contact information.

    How To Use LinkedIn Email And Phone Number Extractor?

    1. Download and Install the LinkedIn Contact Extractor on your computer and open the software:
    2. In the search bar of the software, enter keywords to get data from LinkedIn.
    3. The LinkedIn Data Extractor accesses LinkedIn and loads the list of profiles, found by the above-mentioned query/keywords. The LinkedIn Crawler extracts the name, phone number, address, category, email, current job, previous job history, etc. If there is no email available on the LinkedIn profile then LinkedIn Scraper goes to the site that was specified in the user profile and searches for email addresses and other contacts.
    4. Once the process is completed, you can save the found information on your computer in CSV, Excel, or Text files.

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