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Email marketing has an undeniable effect on internet marketing environs. Email has a considerably strong influence on the buying process compared to blogs, social media, and mobile applications, the latest report provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) revealed.
An effective yet inexpensive source of marketing brings you new customers to get your product or services or at least compel them to have a look at your website or visit your outlet. Time to time offers and promotion coupons hype the interest of readers. An email can wonder about it.

Here are some Dos and Don'ts of running an email marketing campaign.

1. Don’t purchase the Email List

Purchasing an Email List is not only costly besides making your whole email marketing campaign a futile exercise. Mainly because:
  • You Can't Trust the Quality of the List
  • You'll Come Across as a Spammer
  • You'll Run Into Trouble with Your Email Service Provider
  • Other People Are Using the Exact Same List
  • You'll Get a Poor Response Rate
  • Your Reputation Will Take a Serious Knock
  • You Might End up Facing a Big Fine or Legal Bills
  • No Reputable Expert Recommends It
  • 2. Create a targeted Email List

    Create an email list of those you think your product or services would be of their interest. Each business is different and needs to be advertised differently. For example, if you are selling medical instruments, your customers would be to hospitals related professionals. Your target market will be different every time if you have more than one product or services. There is a variety of email address extractors like Cute Web Email Address Extractor to extract targeted email addresses from different sources on the internet.

    3. Get Validated Email addresses

    Sending Email to those Bogus or closed domains bring lots of load to your server and repeated emails warns you to BLACKLIST you, your website, email addresses or IP addresses. Cute Web Email Address Extractor has built-in email address domain validation feature and searches only active email address without duplicate.

    4. Search for Leads

    If you want to approach CEO, CFO, CTO or people having the authority of making a decision, Find them on professional social work i.e LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Using "LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor" you can get their email addresses and Skype Ids.

    5. Be Specific

    Convey your product's information precisely without exaggerating. Little is sufficient when there is a potential.

    6. Keep a track of Email recipients

    Make sure a recipient does not receive the same emails again.

    7. Provide them unsubscribe

    Give the option of unsubscribing if someone doesn't want emails from you.

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    User Name: peter watson
    Comments: Great piece of informative stuff nice tips for emails marketing I hope you will continue to share more in the future such as amazing content
    User Name: Smith
    Comments: Cute Web Email Address Extractor is easy to use software for generating email ids from the Internet quickly. It can extract targeted email address with custom setting you need for your business type. Cute Web Email Address Extractor is Email address extractor software for internet email marketing, mailing list management, site promotion, and research. Thanks for solving my problem!!!