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Addonbiz Leads scraper is the "United Lead Scraper" project script to extract the businesses information from

United Lead Scraper (controller) Screenshot is a very big business listing portal where list your business free and get more inquiries from your local areas, city and countries, you can search and get B2B leads of multiple countries like the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and many more. Addonbiz is the best source if you are looking for businesses like Restaurants, Software companies, Medical clinics, Tech Support and Health-Services Etc. If your desired business information like business name, address, telephone, email address, website, reviews, and category, then you are in the right place. When you have to extract a large number of b2b records from you can’t do manually because it,s very time-consuming, you have to use a scraping tool like Addonbiz leads scraper.

There are many tools in the market for scraping data from like Addonbiz leads Extractor ,but you should choose the tool wisely , that is fulfill your requirements. By using Addonbiz Leads Grabber you can extract data like Business Name, Address, Telephone, Website, Email address, Reviews and Category Etc.

How to find and execute "Addonbiz Leads Scraper" project script using "United Lead Scraper" softwares?

United Lead Scraper Search Scraper Screenshot
Open "United Lead Scraper" software and write " Addonbiz " in search box of "paid Websites Scrapers" and click search button then “” Project script will show as shown in screenshot. Then click on "Run Extractor". Addonbiz leads Crawler can export extracted data into EXCEL, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL) format.

Main Features:

Leads of your Choice

You can extract Leads of your own choice from any standard website.

Keyword based searching

You can apply all the available search filters on the website opened in embeded browser.

Third-party Builtin Scripts

If you don't have time to create your own website scripts then you can buy cheap builtin scrips.

Save Time and Money

To save your valuable time and money run multiple scrapers for multiple websites.

Browser Support

Software has embeded browser and can extract Leads from websites not supporting browserless extractor software.

Auto-save and Recovery

Sometimes computer/software shut-downs unexpectedly; don't worry you can recover your search results just by one click.

Save Viewed Profiles History

Software has the ability to save the history of extracted and saved profiles so that already saved profile should not extract again.

Random Delay Option

Option to set random delay between requests to simulate as human being is surfing in a browser.

Unicode Support

"United Lead Scraper" support Unicode character-set. You can save fetched search results in Unicode format.

Internet Failure Detector

LinkedIn Lead Extractor automatically pauses/resumes on internet failure during processing.

Before extraction Filters

Software has "Must Contain", "Not Contain", "Omit record on empty field" and replace/remove filters option before extraction from webpage.

After Extraction Filters

You can also apply add, remove, edit, delete filters to get your targeted contact list.

Export Leads

Software provides options to save extracted Leads in EXCEL format, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL) format.


Web Leads extractor can automatically move to next page after extracting all the records on a page.

Auto Scroll loaded page

Many sites load datqa on scrolling. Web Leads extractor has a feature to scroll the page automatically before extraction.

Automatically Click anywhere

Some websites show contact information on clicking and with "United Lead Scraper" you can enable auto-click feature.

Why Use Scraper Software?

You need web scraper to automate your copy-past procedure because manual copy-and-paste procedure makes time and money wastage. Business Sales Professionals can expand their businesses by searching potential Leads from the Internet. Well when you feel it is so difficult to copy Leads from different sites then it’s time to try "United Lead Scraper".

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Net Framework v4.5.2 or above

Our services Limitations

Our services Limitations

  • If any website scraper stops working then we need 24 hours to update the script within working days.
  • You can replace your purchased website scraper within 24 hours only by sending us request.
  • Software extracts what website provides and it never generate any information from its own.
  • Extract limited data from any website in single go to avoid IP/software blocking.
  • Any websites servers can block the software due to continues requests and in such case you have to use your own proxies.
  • If you purchase specific website scraper instead of complete software license then only the purchased website scraper will work with all the features.
  • Purchase the software only if it works for your target websites. It may or may not work for all your target website(s).
  • Our partners provide paid services to create website scraper for your own choice of website. One website may contain one or more project scripts depending on the website format.

Software Limitations

Software can extract what website provides and software don't generate any information from itself. Maybe software not fit to extract from any website or you are not able to create project correctly therefore before making purchase; must test the software if it works for you.

Note:Software can extract only what the target website provides and it cannot extract or generate any information from itself .

Note: Our request to our customers that our extractor products are for personal use only and to use all/any information fetched through them in an ethical manner. Ahmad Software Technologies is not responsible for any misuse or unethical or illegal activities done by anyone using our Products. Our extractor products are based on the flow that can be executed through manual efforts.

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