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Social media marketing refers to the promotion of your business on Social Media to generate leads that help your business, create engagement, maintain a reputation and sell your product or services.
Different social media networks offer the businesses different types of platforms to connect with their users to engage.

  • Facebook offers many options including but not limited to videos, articles, events, marketplace etc
  • LinkedIn helps employers connect with potential employees and is also a great platform for B2B Lead Generation
  • Instagram is a visual medium for brands who are better off promoting their content with a visual-only medium
  • YouTube is a hub for video bloggers, instructors or anyone who is interested in using strictly video content for their promotion
  • Twitter is used by businesses to stay in touch with their users in real-time with short messages and updates

Among All these Social Sites LinkedIn is the best social site to make Quality Leads For any business. Once you have a larger community connected with you. It's time to reach them personally over the phone or email and a face to face meeting. For this, you need their contact information i.e email address, phone number, etc.

Copying all these information from each profile is impossible. LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the only solution to help you to extract the targeted information.

LinkedIn Lead Extractor helps you to extract name, email, phone, address etc from a LinkedIn Profile and store the extracted Data in .txt or .xlx Format for further use.

Great tool to generate Quality leads for your business.

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