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Research has shown that LinkedIn profiles can be more accurate than resumes.

LinkedIn is not just a platform for socializing; it has become a standard practice for most professionals to have a profile on LinkedIn. Having a profile on LinkedIn provide the added benefit of making a person “visible” to recruiters. So even if you’re not actively looking, it offers lucrative opportunities to let you know if you’re still worthy.

LinkedIn makes it easy for the recruiters and job seekers to search the variety of topics including industry, connections, current and previous companies, job title, location, profession, and education.


can explore LinkedIn’s “suggest” names within LinkedIn that an employee may want to build a relationship in the hope of eventually making them a referral.

A recruiter can post a “New job” likewise individuals can apply instantly for a job “Apply with LinkedIn”.

LinkedIn provides recommendations to provide additional insights into the individual talent and an opportunity. It also provides targeted updates and allows you to limit and target the updates that you receive.

To contact those targeted professionals you need their contact information. It is not easy to go through each profile for the email addresses and copy them manually.LinkedIn Recruiter extractor is there to get this job done within minutes.

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