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Do you think you need a huge amount of leads for boosting sales revenue without thinking about targeted audience who are really interested in your business. The quantity wouldn’t matter. In 2019 quality B2B lead generation is the most preferred strategies when you want to boost your sales revenue. An expert opinion says that you only need to run a marketing or lead generation campaigns in a way that focus on quality leads at a big scale. So the most imperative aspect of this b2b leads generation process is to have access to the right leads. I will tell you how and where you can get quality leads at a big scale.

Generate best quality leads from LinkedIn and sales navigator in 2019

LinkedIn is a social media networking sites to gather your targeted b2b leads data in big quantity. It lets business marketers to explore high professional profiles in large quantity from any industry . LinkedIn and sales navigator is the best social platform for b2b lead generation in 2019. LinkedIn has a network of more than 600 millions profiles of students, business professionals, companies and business owners who are actively looking for new business opportunities. So from LinkedIn, you can generate the best quality b2b leads on a big scale.
quantity or quality B2B leads
Big companies that can afford traditional marketing preferred LinkedIn for lead generation. Small businesses with fewer resources in terms of money, time and manpower has an equal opportunity to boost their leads by generating leads from LinkedIn. However extracting leads data from LinkedIn manually is impossible due to complex data and huge number of profiles. Third party tools are available to solve this problem.

Extract leads data with LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor is the most used and trendy LinkedIn scraper software to generate b2b sales leads. Using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor you can search and extract the latest clients, prospects data for communicating directly.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor is exclusively designed and prepared for extraction of lead data from LinkedIn , and it is helpful for big or small both firms. By using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor you can extract b2b leads data such as name, authentic emails, valid phone numbers, messenger ids, company details, job title, website URLs, country name and location and profile links from LinkedIn and Sale Navigator. LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor can grab and extract b2b leads contact information from LinkedIn and Sales navigator and can export this information into CSV, XLSX or TXT files.

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